What I eat in a day

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What does a typical day of eating look like for me?

I know a number of you may be interested in what I would eat on any given day. Well, here we go:

I like to prep my food in advance, sometimes the night before but a lot of the time I bulk cook for three or so days of eating.


For breakfast, I normally have a smoothie. These are pretty quick and easy and consist of oats, protein powder, frozen fruit and or vegetables, a pinch of salt and plant milk. Yum!!!


For lunch, I love having some pasta (just your standard egg/wheat one) with a tomato and vegetable-based sauce. I try and have seasonal vegetables. This time of year, capsicums and courgettes are a must. I also either add some sort of protein source to the sauce like a chicken mince or cook up some marinated tofu or tempeh.


For dinner I love to have a medley of roasted root vegetables (kumaras, carrots, parsnip and potatoes). I also add red onion and a range of different seasonings. For the protein I can’t get enough of a fresh piece of fish cooked whatever way (normally pan fried). I have been loving salmon lately.

Do you eat snacks?

Now, you may ask, what about snacks?

Yes, I do snack! Especially if I have done a lot or have a lot of training planned. My regular go to snacks would include nuts, peanut butter, dates, bliss balls and fruit.