The importance of stretching

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Stretching is important before exercise, post exercise and for general health. There are different types of stretching. The ones you can do on your own are:

– Dynamic – which is a controlled movement within a muscles range of motion normally done before exercise but can also be done throughout the day
– Static – which is when you hold a single position for time generally done after exercise.

Why is it important?

Stretching is important because it increases joint and muscle mobility which if done regularly enough can help prevent injury and prime your body for whatever the task you are planning to undertake.

Stretching can also improve your quality of life as tight muscles and joints can limit your movement and is more often than not, associated with body pain.

If you are feeling tired or don’t have a lot of time for a workout dynamic stretching is a great alternative sometimes, more beneficial than a workout.

Keep an eye on my Instagram as I will be uploading a few of my favourite stretches for you to add to your exercise and wellness regime.

As always, any questions let me know.