Why I love boxing

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I have been kickboxing and boxing training for the last three years which has included learning pad work and how to teach the boxing basics e.g. the stance/s, how to throw and dodge punches. I feel I have gotten faster, stronger and improved my general coordination significantly. This has crossed over into other sports/activities I love like running. Where I now feel like I am more agile and balanced especially if I’m trail running.

In my opinion boxing training/fitness is a great type of activity that involves footwork, punching, coordination, and evasion to mimic the techniques involved in the sport of boxing.
A lot of my clients love boxing fitness which can include conditioning activities, such as skipping and bodyweight exercises, which increases the intensity of each training session. This form of exercise still teaches you the basics of boxing but also adds in other movements and activities. It’s also great for those who want to learn some new movement but would never fancy themselves in the ring.
Overall, boxing can help improve your general health, body composition, coordination, speed and strength, as well as aid weight loss and other fitness goals you may have.
For me, boxing is an amazing way to exercise and let off some steam in a safe and healthy way.