New Year, New You?

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This is a question we often see at SAH Performance given so much attention and articles on women lifting weights to achieve a lean muscled physique, and to avoid cardio.

What everyone needs to understand is this is a general thought process and every individual is different and bodies react to stimuli (being training) differently.

I always encourage clients to choose whichever form of exercise they most enjoy doing as this is very important and will make them want to continue exercising long term.

When Clients come to HHT we generally use a combination of training; weights, high intensity training, running and bodyweight exercises, and have found this produces the best results, however, if clients have specific goals and or injuries we adapt accordingly.

Purely lifting weights has its place and a lot of women achieve their goal physique through it. However, it requires very controlled nutrition and discipline, where as combining running and cardio into your training gives much more leeway to be more relaxed with your nutrition as you are burning more Kcal. If you want/ can be extremely disciplined and are happy spending hours in the gym then that’s great! But we have found most clients’ lifestyles to be able to adapt to a more cardio based training plan to utilise their time better and get the results.

Another factor to consider is accessibility, and this is another reason we focus more on cardio based training. A lot of clients are long term and have been training with SAH Performance for years, but we want to equip you to be able to train on your own and where ever you are! Being fit enough to run or complete a circuit you can do this anywhere with no equipment. Sometimes there is no gym in hotels or complexes, so we provide clients with plans to be able to continue with their training when way.

The final question you need to ask yourself when deciding on the type of training best suited for what you want is your goals!

Do you want a muscled physique? Or are you looking for a more long and lean look?

If it is the first then you would be better suited to lifting heavier weights and following a more body builder plan focusing on split muscle group sessions, and keeping any cardio to a minimum so as not to burn any muscle.

However if it is the long and lean physique you desire then I would highly suggest a more cardio based plan combining body weight, light weights for tone and much more long cardio sessions.

If you are uncertain about what’s best for you, your body and lifestyle get in touch and we are more than happy to help you! We know it can be very confusing!!

And always remember what works for one person may not for you! We are all built very differently with different DNA so respond differently to exercise and nutrition.

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