How to keep on track while on holiday

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As COVID restrictions lighten across the globe, more and more people are heading overseas on holiday. I just came back from a trip to Canada where I caught up with my youngest sister, did a bunch of hikes and some sightseeing.
When it comes to diet and keeping on track with any dietary goals, travel can be hard. But it can also be exciting. Here is what I do and some things for you to remember:
1. You are on holiday so enjoy yourself! Try new foods, explore different supermarkets and don’t stress too much about keeping exactly to what you were doing at home. Do however, have a good mix of foods and have a rough idea of the caloric make up of what you are eating. This will help ensure you are getting the right nutrients while you are away.
2. It may be easier to bring some food staples from home. For my trip I made sure I bought protein powder and some other foods/supplements like Spirulina. This helped me keep some meals and snacks consistent during the trip.
3. Keep up your exercise! This doesn’t mean you need to be in the gym but go for a run and explore where you are or if you are not that way inclined take active modes (like cycling) or walk where possible. I consistently did over 15k steps each day (it could be because I always have jam packed itineraries!).
If you have a holiday booked overseas, enjoy yourself, have fun and try keep to the three points above. If you need any help or support whether it be fitness or diet please get in touch.