Finding consistency

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Did you know that the circumference of the earth is 40,000 kms? Why have I given you this fact? I’ll get to that point later in the blog.

Last blog I talked about starting the year by working out what your long-term goal is and breaking it up with shorter term goals/milestones. One thing I think helps with doing this is trying to be consistent with habits old or new. I personally believe that finding out what brings you enjoyment while working through your goals will help you on your journey.

For me I have two passions right now. Running which I have enjoyed since I was young going to meets and running on a daily basis. The second is kickboxing which I am pretty much obsessed with and have picked up last year.

Why do I enjoy these two activities? Running is something that I can do almost anywhere, it helps relieve stress and is something I look forward to each day. I can also make it as easy or as hard as I like. Even if the weather is bad or I don’t really feel like it, I know from doing it so much that the feeling I get from running outweighs any initial sense of not wanting to do it.

Kickboxing tugs on the strings of my desire to learn and acquire new skills. I have a coach that I work with who keeps me accountable and helps me hone my skills. I would love to have a professional fight one day and I keep that in mind as a goal each time I train. I also try and find as many people I can to work on drills and pad work!!!

Now, back to my fact. My dad and I were talking a few weeks ago about my running and he said “With all your running you would have run around the globe?” I laughed and said surely not but we worked it out from when I was 12, where I really got into running and now, where in recent years I average about 35-40 kms a week. He was right we estimated I would have ran the circumference of the earth and a little bit more….

It goes to show, when you have goals, find enjoyment in whatever you do (particularly in health and training) and have built consistency over time you can do amazing things.