Consistency is hard but important

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Today I want talk about consistency. Being consistent is hard, especially when things are against you like the weather, work schedules and having a busy life generally.

Another potential hurdle is around the corner with day light saving quickly approaching. It may be harder to get that motivation to get up and or out to exercise.

Some people, including myself, really struggle to train when there aren’t as many light hours to exercise. Nothing beats staying in bed when it’s cold and dark!

Don’t beat yourself up if you need to tweak or change your exercise routine to adapt to the seasons or time of year. To do this as easily as possible think about training 30-60 mins later in the morning if you can to set you up for success. You could also find other ways to continue to move for example walk in your lunch breaks at work or if you have the ability to work from home, use that/those days to get some training in.

If you like being outside but the weather will ultimately be worse this time of year then find online workouts to follow when the weather is bad. To help with this, set some cash aside to buy some basic at home workout gear like some dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.

This time of year, and the winter months are also a good time to try something different and sometimes something that may be easier to be consistent with like trying out gym classes or joining fitness groups. Training with others always makes things easier as you have others with similar motivations as you and you can have others to hold you accountable.

Consistency is hard but make being consistent as easy for you as possible. Set yourself up to succeed. Train at times which suit you the best, don’t take on too much and do whatever you can whenever you can.

Keep going, back yourself and have fun.