boxing & kickboxing from

beginner to advanced

Boxing and Kickboxing is a cardio-intensive full-body exercise that can improve your strength, heart health, and flexibility.

I have trained total beginners through to experienced fighters, so any level is welcome.

I provide pad work for both boxing and kickboxing. I also have experience with strength and conditioning for both sports.

I can tailor sessions to your needs whether it be pad work or strength work. I can also assist with nutrition for dropping weight for a fight or just looking for better nutrition to fuel training.

Never boxed before? No problem at all, I will teach you the basic fundamentals such as stance, the main punches, movement and more, all whilst giving you a good workout.

Sarah Holliday Certified Personal Trainer in Wellington, for boxing and kickboxing training for fitness and weight loss.

Having proper nutrition is crucial for fuelling a boxer’s tank in order to have the energy, strength, power and conditioning to perform well in the ring. Eating the right foods is also essential for proper muscle recovery and replenishing nutrients lost in practice or in a fight.

Fuel from a whole-food, nutrient-dense, and balanced diet will not only benefit your workout and your training, but also your overall health.

First thing first, what do we mean by whole foods? Whole foods are foods that are minimally processed, consumed as they came from earth — in their whole form, such as a baked potato, rather than in a processed form, such as potato chips. Second, nutrient-dense foods are foods that provide high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and health-promoting nutrients such as fibre and antioxidants.

Luckily in addition to being a personal trainer, I also offer nutritional management and plans for anyone wanting advice and help with weight loss, improving their health, or wanting a more structured plan.

Have questions? No problem, simply contact me for more information.